Mona Plant System

Self Contained Subterranean Irrigation

Inspired by Nature
An advanced and well proven subterranean irrigation system suitable for interior and exterior planting applications. The Mona Plant System is versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly. The perfect solution for any sustainable landscaping project large or small.

  • A subterranean self contained system
  • Manufactured in the UK, all parts are recyclable
  • No Mechanical, electrical or moving parts
  • Simple to install
  • Plant's roots absorb water from the Mona tanks as and when they require it. (Capillary action)
  • Eliminates over-watering and water wastage
  • Aerates soil
  • Reduces watering frequency

The Mona Plant System ensures water and nutrients are delivered in the correct quantity to the roots of plants and trees. This results in healthy root development and optimum growth.

The Mona Plant System is manufactured by Green-Tech Ltd. and distributed in the United States by The Chandler Company. It has been specified on many projects across the UK, Europe and USA for over 30 years!