Frequently Asked

How much do they cost?

The answer depends on numerous factors: the quantity you are looking to purchase, whether your selected design(s) is standard or custom, where you want your product shipped to, what current material costs are, etc. Complete the estimate form and we’ll be happy to price the job for you.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is not included. A freight cost is provided with every quote

How long does it take to get my planters?

On average, orders will usually ship in 4 to 5 weeks, but this varies depending on the size of the order and how full our current schedule is. An estimated lead time is provided with every quote.

If I pay extra, can I get my planters sooner?

We will expedite orders for an upcharge if it does not jeopardize anything else in the works.

Do I need to waterproof the interiors?

No, fiberglass is waterproof on its own, so no additional coatings are necessary.

Can these planters be mounted on a wall?

We have used several mounting systems to put planters onto walls. These require working closely with the designer before production starts. Contact us for advice.

Can you match my color?

Allow extra time for the match to be made and there is a flat fee, which can be waived depending on the cost of the order.

Can I change the color in a few years?

Over time, exterior planters will develop a soft patina. This patina can be refurbished with furniture wax, or you can repaint using exterior latex house paint. Refer to our Maintenance Page for additional details or rely on your painting contractor’s advice.

Do the planters come with drain holes?

No – unless you specify them when placing your order. Standard drain hole sizes are ¾”.

What do I do if they leak or come damaged?

In the unlikely event the planter or liner leaks, refer to our warranty. If the planters arrive damaged, immediately enter a freight claim, and notify us. If the installer created the problem, call the factory for advice.

Can you store the shipment if my project is delayed?

If your project is delayed, notify the factory so we can adjust our production schedule. We have very limited storage space available and depending upon how far beyond the original delivery date is requested, there may be a charge involved.

How do I clean them?

Refer to our maintenance page for further instructions.

Can you ship me a touch-up kit?

All planter shipments come with a touch-up kit inside one of the packages. If more is required notify the factory so we can make the necessary arrangements.