Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do they cost?
Great question, but not simple to answer. Depends on how many you want to buy. Quantity discounts kick in at 9 units. There is a five parts minimum order if we don’t have the mold in stock. We sometimes can wave that policy if there are other shapes on the order. Complete the Bid request form and we’ll be happy to price the job for you.

2. Where is the price list?
Because we direct our sales at commercial accounts there is no “shopping basket” to add your selection to. All prices are subject to what is specified. See the answer to question #1.

3. Is shipping included?
No shipping is not included. We quote that as a line item and it includes palletizing. Freight cost are revised at the time of delivery, which are often months after the initial bid.

4. How long does it take to get my planters?
That depends on the size of the order and what is going on at the time the order is placed. We try hard to ship in 4-5 weeks, but if the job is small they often ship quicker. Large jobs can be split up into multiple loads. Order as soon as you know for sure what you want to allow us plenty of time to fit you in.

5. Can you match my color?
If nothing in our standard colors fits you color scheme, we can match your samples. Allow extra time for the match to be made and there is a $250 fee.

6. Do you make wooden planters?
We have had customers ask us to supply custom liners for their wooden planters. We can work with whoever is doing the cabinet work to provide waterproof liner that fit perfectly. Send us your drawing and a contact person. We’ll take it from there.

7. Can you install lights?
We have done a number of special installations of lighting over the years. See the “special planter” page for examples.

8. Do I need to waterproof the interiors?
No, fiberglass is waterproof on its’ own. No need to coat the interior with anything.

9. If I pay extra can I get my planters sooner?
We recognize we all procrastinate and that sometimes get us in a bind. We will expedite orders for a 35% up charge as long as it does not jeopardize anything else in the works. The fee covers the cost of overtime.

10. Can these planters be mounted on a wall?
We have used several mounting systems to put planters onto walls. These require working closely with the designer before production starts. Call us for our ideas.

11. Can I change the color in a few years?
Over time, exterior planters will develop a soft patina. This patina can be refurbished with furniture wax or you can repaint using exterior latex house paint. Prepare the surface with light sanding to remove any dirt or waxes. Rely on your painting contractor’s advice.

12. How long will these planters last?
These planters will outlast the plants put in them.

13. Do the planters come with drain holes?
If you want drains, specify them when ordering. If you forget to do that, or decide later, drain holes are easily drilled with hand drill or hold saws. We can install any type of penetration desired before they leave our facility. Please ask.

14. What do I do if they leak?
In the unlikely event the planter or liner leaks refer to our warranty. If the planters arrive damaged, immediately enter a freight claim and notify us. If the installer created the problem call the factory for advice. Most problems can be resolved quickly and easily. We are here to help.

15. Can you store the shipment if my project is delayed?
If your project is delayed, notify the factory so we can adjust our production schedule. We have very limited storage space available and depending upon how far beyond the original delivery date is requested, there may be a charge involved.

16. How do I clean them?
Refer to the “maintenance page” for details. Generally washing with mild soap and water is enough. Interior planters look nice with furniture polishes or dust sprays.

17. What do I do if some come damaged?
See the answer to #14.

18. Can you ship me a touch-up kit?
All planter shipments come with a touch-up kit inside one of the packages. If more is required notify the factory and we can make the arrangements. Dispose of the extra material safely.