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FIBERGLASS FABRICATIONS These specifications were current at the time of publication but are subject to change at any time without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these specifications with the manufacturer and/or distributor prior to installation.


1.1 Summary

  • Section Includes: The fabrication, furnishing and installing of exterior preformed fiberglass fabrications.
  • The Conditions of the Contract and Division 1 apply to this section as fully as if repeated herein.

1.2 Submittals

  • Shop Drawings: Indicate layouts, sizes, details and materials. Show reinforcements, anchorage, and attachment for installation. Include joint locations, sizes, and design. Include location and spacing of anchor bolts, sleeves, and other features to be built into the structure. Furnish drawings to other Sections as required to prepare openings and supports.
  • Samples: Submit samples of each required shape and molding of dimensions as directed by the Architect. Samples shall be of color and texture proposed for use on this Project.
  • Submittal procedures and quantities are specified in Section 01334.

1.3 Quality Assurance

  • Manufacturers Qualifications: The fabricator shall have at least 5 years experience in the manufacture of similar items with a record of successful installations.

1.4 Delivery, Storage and Handling

  • Provide factory wrapping, packaging, and other means necessary to prevent damage or deterioration during shipment, handling, and storage.
  • Maintain protective coverings in place and in good repair until removal is necessary.
  • Store products inside enclosed storage facilities or closed building, supported above grade and slabs-ongrade.
  • Maintain storage spaces and products in dry condition within temperature extremes recommended by manufacturer. Follow special instructions by manufacturer.

1.5 Coordination

  • Coordinate work with others as required for placing and anchorage of fiberglass fabrications.
  • Where units are required to fit spaces previously constructed, take measurements at the Project site before beginning fabrication. Secure all field measurements required for proper and adequate fabrication and installation of the work. Furnish templates for exact location of items to be embedded in concrete and masonry and setting instructions required for all installation work.


2.1 Manufacturer

  • Acceptable manufacturers include, but are not limited to, the following:

2621 South Birch Street,
Santa Ana, California 92707

  • Contact: Sales Department
  • Phone: (714) 979-4212
  • Email:
  • Website:

2.2 Materials

  • Fiberglass: Reinforced Polyester Resins (FRP)
  • Pre-molded FRP units shall be fabricated to details and dimensions indicated.
  • Finished products shall conform to the following:
    1. Shear Strength: 7,500 psi.
    2. Flexural Strength: 21,000 psi.
    3. Tensile Strength: 9,600 psi.
    4. Glass Content: 30-33%
    5. Resin Content: 67-70%
    6. Compressive Strength: > 25000 PSI
    7. Density: 110 pcf.
    8. Resins:
      • General Purpose Resins
      • Fire Retardant Resins
        • Flame Spread: 25
        • Smoke Density: <450
        • ASTM E 84: Class 1 (**Not normally required for free-standing planters/pots.)
  • Provide supports, fasteners, and other accessories required for secure installations.

2.3 Fabrication

  • Fabrications shall be constructed of reinforced fiberglass to produce units conforming to the required profiles, dimensions, and tolerances.
  • Allowable Tolerances:
    1. Dimensional Tolerances: ± 1/8 inch.
    2. Wall Thickness: Nominal 1/8 to 3/16 inch.
    3. Out of Plumb: ± 1/8 inch.
    4. Bowing: L/240 maximum


3.1 Installation

  • General: Install units in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions land approved shop drawings using experienced installers.
  • Install units straight, plumb, level, in true alignment and securely anchored. No exposed fastenings are permitted.
  • Seal joints between units and between units and adjacent construction as specified in Section 07900.

3.2 Completion

  • Exposed surfaces shall be clean and free from chips, cracks, scratches, dents, tool marks, stains, discoloration, or other defects or damage.
  • Fiberglass fabrications will be rejected by the Architect for, but not limited to, the following reasons.
    1. Cracked, chipped, split, or stained units.
    2. Units not securely attached to the structure and to each other.
    3. Non-conformance to specified detail requirements.
    4. Non-conformance to approved samples.
    5. Units exceeding specified allowable tolerances.
    6. Damage beyond satisfactory Project site repair as determined by the Architect.
  • Replace rejected units at no additional cost to the Owner.

2621 South Birch Street,
Santa Ana, California 92707

  • Contact: Sales Department
  • Phone: (714) 979-4212
  • Email:
  • Website: